Switching between 2 languages in IVR

In FreePBX13, I know that I can record my prompts in more than one language. This prevents me from duplicating my IVR structure (one for each language). It’s a really great feature but I have a little problem:

Here’s the scenario:
In my welcome message, I say "for service in french, please press 9"
When pressing 9, I switch the language to french and I use the next IVR as the destination.
For now, everything is fine. However, the customer wants to be able to switch back and forth from English to French in any IVR. Because I’m using a unique IVR structure with mulilingual system recordings, I cannot use the same “9” key to switch automatically from French to English or vice-versa.

I’m having a hard time explaining my problem, but what I want to know is:
Is there a way to program a function like: When pressing 9, if current language is french, switch to english. If current language is english, switch to french.

Having a duplicate IVR structure, while behing cumberstone, permits this because I have a french and an english version of every IVR

You can do this without too much trouble by some custom dial plan, and a Custom Destination. Check the value of CHANNEL(language) and depending on that value, set it to the other.

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Thanks a lot !
I’ll check that out !

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