Switched from Asterisk 13 to 18 and can`t activate

Hi , i just ran a asterisk switch to change from 13 to 18.
I have upgraded prior to this action, to the latest Freepbx version 16.
After reboot, it is asking me to activate again, for which I have added my account but it recognize me as a complete new user, not an existing user.
My MAC address has not changed. My deployment number is 10665466.
Please urgently help what I need to do?

You have to login to portal.sangoma.com, go to PBX>list and check if your system shows up. If you have a new ID on the updated freePBX-16 system, you might have to reset the hardware lock of the pbx listed…and reassign it to your current system.

Hi I see that it shows Hardware lock cannot be reset, maximum attempts reached.
Does this mean I can:t switch my asterisk?

You have to contact Sangoma support…they will reset it for you.

My ID is the same. User login and password is the same. no change

ok i will send support and ask for their help thank you!

Do you have commercial modules? Otherwise you dont need your old ID…

yes i have commercial modules.
that:s why i:m a bit confused.
when i did the freepbx upgrade to 16 i was able to activate again by inputting my email address and since mac address was the same, it identified my as an existing user. but this time it didn:t

i have commercial module for xactdialer, extension routing, endpoint manager, call recording reports and ucp for epm

When you activate a system, it is not good enough to enter your email…you have to click on “this is an existing deployment”…or so…and re-enter your ID.

Just one more thing…before you upgrade, you have to check if your licenses are still valid for module upgrades…otherwise you can break your system, when going from 15 to 16…

after clicking on Activation i only see the popup screen showing Welcome to your new FreePBX Server / Thanks for installing FreePBX!
then i click on Activate > then enter my email address, then it just identifies me as a new user.
it suppose to show that i:m an existing user.
there:s no button for me to click as an existing user…

It’s me again…I wouldn’t go from Asterisk 13 to 18…I’m more conservative…I still use Asterisk 16…but I am just a regular user…

ok . i can switch back to 16. give me a minute to reboot

PBX Version:


PBX Distro:


Asterisk Version:


When you go to System Admin > Activation…what ID does it show? Is it really identical to the ID in the Sangoma portal list, which includes the commercial modules?

when i click on Activate this is what i get>>

Welcome to your new FreePBX Server

Thanks for installing FreePBX!

Your machine is almost ready to go. Before you get started, would you like to activate your new server?

Activation is optional, but is highly recommended. Activating your server is required to purchase Commercial modules and Paid Support.

Would you like to activate your new system now?

System Activation

Your machine must be activated to install Commercial Modules. Note that some Free modules are classified as Commercial and require your machine to be activated.

This machine is eligble for 1 offer!

  • Free Offer! Extension Routes is available for $0 after activation


First attempt to activate your system with the command:

fwconsole sa activate xxxxx

Where xxxx is the proper deployment ID. If not, create a support ticket of type “Billing and Customer Service” requesting a hardware reset.

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