Switch to Asterisk 16 on Freepbx 15

Hello to all. I need just a little advice on the following:

I followed:
to switch to new version of Asterisk. I have a FreePBX 14 updated to FreePBX 15.
Now I have Asterisk 13 and I would like to switch to 16 or 17, but when I use the asterisk-version-switch I have the possibility to switch to 14 or 15. There is no possibility to switch to 16 or 17.
Any advice?

Can you make sure that your modules and system are up to date? (so make sure that your yum update; yum upgrade situation is in order and the freepbx modules are updated via the gui properly).


I have just updted to Freepbx 15 then all modules are updated. Also, if I type yum list I see that are available asterisk 16 and 17. But the script that I launch for asterisk switch I have just the option max for version 15.

Log into the console (ssh) and update things. You will have to be there to switch versions anyway.

Update the operating system (SNG7)

yum update -y

Update the modules

fwconsole ma upgradeall
fwconsole reload

Switch Asterisk versions



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