Switch Statement in extension.conf

I have 2 trixbox servers connected via IAX. What i am trying to do is as follows, i have BOXA setup as our external gateway to our SIP provider. Box A also hosts our IVR and many of our clients. BOX B is connected to box A via a IAX trunk. What we want to do is be able to pool our extensions between the 2 boxes. Such as Box A EXT 100-200. and box b ext 300-400.

I saw this article about a switch statement within the extensions.conf file under example 3.

I was hoping for someone to help explain where exactly in the extensions.conf file do i put that text. I am familar with the GUI interface alot more then doing stuff via command line and text files. Is there a way to create a switch statement via the GUI freepbx/trixbox interface?

I think this is the link where some good integration was done including the IVR level with extension dialing and directory dial-by-name:


I just got in from an evening out so have not had a chance to review the article. Thus I can’t comment on it at this point. I have talked with several people who have implemented inter-office type setups with Dundi and have helped them do things like get directory level dialing at the IVR level between the sites and such. I know in at least one case I ‘threatened’ to send them an invoice if they did not post a write up of what they did on our site. I just never went back in looked at the write up yet.

I’m not sure when I will have time to review some of the write-ups to give an initial opinion. I would suggest you look around our site to see what you can find here along with other such articles as you seem to have pointed out. You may also want to get onto the IRC at #freepbx (or use the online support module to get there) and seek out some of the people who have done it.

What I am pretty sure is that it can be done with a fairly minimal amount of change to the core dialplan - which is the direction you want to go so that upgrades don’t break what you put in place.

For now good night.

Wow i am honored i received a reply from one of the most highly respected people in the freepbx community.

If i read the links correctly, to impliment DUNDI would require a SIGNIFICANT amount of editing conf files, as well as a deep understanding of asterisk.

Would you recommend the following link as good,correct,complete, information on how i could attempt to setup DUNDI myself?


I am not sure if the link has updated or correct information for the latest versions out there. If you could let me know that what they are doing on that pdf is what i need to try and fiddle with, then i will give it experiemnt with his methods.

it is highly unlikely that you will be able to accomplish that by just putting in a switch statement - there is way too many otherthings going on in the dialplan. (see this article I just wrote).

You may want to look into some of the dundi configuations that have been done that may accomplish what you are looking at doing. One is here and I know there are several people who have done variations to do some very nice integrations.