Supporting SIP/XML packet transmission


I am able to send a PIDF file in the form of SIP/XML packet from my endpoint. I see on the console that:

[2023-03-13 13:13:19] WARNING[12936] res_pjsip_pubsub.c: No registered publish handler for event presence from 23

What should I do such that this packet gets sent to the other endpoint.

Thank you for your support.

Handling incoming presence information in that form is not supported by Asterisk.

Is there possibility of notify or subscribe by the endpoints to such packets in this case?

Endpoints can SUBSCRIBE, but the NOTIFY requests they receive will be generated by Asterisk based on information within Asterisk. PUBLISH requests will be rejected and none of that information conveyed.

Interesting. I am basically using extension of PIDF, PIDF-LO to convey address information of the endpoint. Is there anyway by which address conveying is supported?

Within PUBLISH, no. Newer versions of Asterisk support geolocation for calls[1] on INVITE, there is no support within FreePBX itself as of this time for it.

[1] Asterisk Geolocation Capabilities ⋆

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That’s a lot helpful. It should be possible to retrieve the XML PIDF document and upload it such that it can be used for access of information by reference. Is it? Could I have some hints for it.

By the way, FreePBX supports INVITE messages containing a URI pointing to this XML file, right?

I have no hints. That’s not something Asterisk is involved with or touches. To us it’s just a reference string. Nothing more.

As I stated, newer versions of Asterisk support geolocation/E911 which includes by reference and functionality exists to preserve/access/pass through that information.

do the newer versions of asterisk support PUBLISH messages as well?

No. No version of Asterisk supports PUBLISH like that.

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