Supporting other languages besides English for things such as the "speak extension" feature code


I would like my PBX to support additional languages besides English so I have configured more than one language.

*65, “Speak Your Extension Number”, mostly works but doesn’t say the words in the right order and tries to use a sound that doesn’t exist in the other language so the English word is spoken.

If I look at the definition of that feature code it looks like currently only English and Japanese are supported. Is this a correct assessment and can we open tickets to have new added (it, of course, the no additional sounds are required).

Please let me know…

Thank you!


Instead of opening a ticket you can modify the source yourself and submit it back to us. Might be easier. A contributor from our Japanese partner has been doing the Japanese work you’ve seen.

You can also open a ticket buy please try to be as specific as possible. We could potentially get it into 13

Hi Andrew!

You mean as in doing a pull request on github?

I have always been on the receiving end of those (long story but suffice it to say that a project I contribute to uses github (as a read-only copy of our main repo) and I commit stuff for others) and not on the sending end but there’s a beginning to everything and I am sure I will figure out how to do it…

Thank you and have a nice day!


Hi @tm1000!

If you were talking of making pull requests, which branch should it be against?

At work master/trunk is our stable branch and for the project I contribute to its our dev branch so I am not quite sure which one it is in your case…

I would have some l10n stuff and a bug fix to submit…

By the way, thank you for the quite fix for the time groups…

Thank you and have a nice day!


Make them against release/13.0

As for i18n what do you want to change. We have a whole system for that. Which is a separate web server.

[quote=“tm1000, post:5, topic:30906, full:true”]
Make them against release/13.0[/quote]

Thank you, I will be submitting them shortly…

edit: I want to modify infoservices and it doesn’t have a release/13.0 branch already…

I have submitted a small bug fix for the reversecharge problem in the mean time (if you want to see what this is about see Reversecharge ).

For now nothing…

Weblate and your translation files are po, I know… :wink:

I will have to take a look at it eventually for other reasons beside FreePBX as I am one of the devs responsible for the translation of a well-known PVR application (I am also one of its translators).

For now though I will focus more on things which require some programming skills…

Thank you and have a nice day!


@tm1000 Andrew, what do I do it there’s no release/13.0 branch, do I make them against master? I want to modify infoservices and it doesn’t have a release/13.0 branch…

Thank you and have a nice day!


Just use 12 then, please.

Thank you Rob!

Have a nice day!


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