Supported server hardware


I was wondering if someone could help me in finding a list of supported servers models or hardware i can use as reference for my FreePbx installation?

Thank you


The list would be ubiquitous, almost any thing you can find will run FreePBX/Asterisk, it is more for you to “dimension” your hardware to your needs, of which you say nothing :wink: . For dimensioning the good old

will get you started.

Hello Dicko,

Thanks for replying.
My Asterisk installation is mainly to provide 3 conference rooms that will do simultaneous conference meetings with around 5 external callers (using SIP trunks). I will be using G729a codec.The conference service must be highly available/reliable.
Would you have any recommendations on the seizing of the server?

What we recommend is you read an Asterisk dimensioning guide

What you will see is any modern hardware can do what you want so I would lean towards an Atom Based box to conserve power.