Supported Phones

I am new to asterisk after building a single system a few years ago. Can someone recommend phones that are well supported. In other words, I need to decide what phone hardware to buy (most likely used) and I need to end up with phones that the software is available for. Also, if you can point me to where I can download the phone software, that would be great. Thank you for the help.

I don’t think you can go wrong with the AASTRA product.

Bill, Thank you for the help. It looks like there is software available for the 67 series phones. Can you tell me where I can download it?

Are you talking about the endpoint manager?

When I built the system before, I recall that I had to load firmware in the phones to a particular version that the asterisk software would recognize. Therefore I had to have the firmware for the phones. I am sure that the setup is a lot more user friendly now. Is this even an issue anymore? Thanks!

They will work out of the box with asterisk after you setup the credentials. No need for firmware.

Polycom is nice. Wide range of phones to choose from, lots of good features. Software is here: