Support portal does not show my deployment even though the main portal does

We have an active FreePBX deployment which shows up on the main Sangoma portal after I log in. When I go to open a support ticket for our commercial module, the dropdown for deployments is blank and stays that way. This means I can’t submit our ticket. (And yes, I logged in.)

Our deployment is active, and does show on the main portal. My username is [[redacted]] if that helps (I am not sure if posting the deployment id here would be a good idea).

Hi Erica:

It works as expected when I try. Following the instructions provided for the field, type in the first 3 numbers for your deployment ID, wait a few seconds and you are prompted to choose from a list of one. If your ticket issue persists, please open a ticket of type Customer Service and Billing.

I have already opened a Customer Service ticket under “Other”, if it gets ignored I’ll open a new one under Billing instead.

It’s the same category. No need for a duplicate.

It’s been fixed now. Thanks.

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