Support Portal - All Assets Set to Support Status EXPIRED?

So I go to open a support ticket for one of our deployments and none of our deployments are available in the new support portal… When logged into the support portal, I go to More>Assets and there are all our active deployment ID’s and every one of them has a status of “Asset Support Status - Expired”!

What is going on? Why can we no longer submit support tickets for any of our active, up to date and paid commercial modules deployments and we have GOLD Support contract.

This is extremely frustrating. Ive never had a problem submitting a ticket before. What is going on here?

@mwhite @cdolese

Are you blocked from opening a support ticket, if not just create one as if everything shows properly. If not, PM me and I will get one open for you.

Yes, it will.not let me create a support ticket eithout selecting an asset…it says I have no assets

Yes the new support portal will not create the ticket without selecting an asset. There are no assets available and I know why…if i grt out of opening a new ticket and go to More>Assets it shows all my valid deployments and every one says support expired…

Sent you a PM

FYI, the list of ‘All Assets’ within ‘’ for me, shows my Switchvox & FreePBX deployments, but NONE for PBXact (even though my PBXact ones all have active POMPs).

I was able to raise a ticket recently (06-Oct) for my PBXact appliance by typing the Deployment Id into the ‘Unique System Identifier’ field, however, if I click the ‘Create Case’ button today, I see a selection list containing ONLY my Switchvox deployment (I don’t see the FreePBX/PBXact deployments, even though the FreePBX ones show in my Assets list). There is a checkbox to say ‘I cannot find my location/server id/Asset above & want to enter it manually’ - I guess this should suffice for any new tickets ?

All a bit of a mix-up, surely My ‘Asset List’ should show ALL registered deployments from ‘’ -AND- allow me to select them when raising a new case (especially for those with active POMPs) ?

My exact same issue. I raised a ticket not long ago in the new support portal without issue and was able to just put in my deployment id… not today, forcing me to pick an asset that isnt available

What happens if you TICK the checkbox to say ‘I cannot find my location/server id/Asset above & want to enter it manually’ - Can you proceed that way & just type your Deployment ID into the field the checkbox refers to ?

Tried that, didnt work said no asset found

oh, not good - I guess I probably can’t raise any new tickets either then for my PBXact deployments.

So what did you do in the end, fudge it somehow, or did @lgaetz create it for you (as offered above) ?

@lgaetz opened one for me

I had support open a ticket, but it is also possible to call in and request a ticket be opened.

Is this issue going to be resolved so that FreePBX/PBXact support tickets can be raised via the ‘’ portal ?

I’m based in the UK & do not want to have to make an international telephone call to raise FreePBX/PBXact Support tickets. I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment.

I received a response from Support an hour ago or so saying engineering was looking into the issue.

We have received reports from some of our FreePBX/PBXact customers who are not seeing the correct support entitlement when they login to It’s been escalated to the appropriate team and expect to have it resolved shortly.


Thanks for the update.

For me, my FreePBX deployments have come over from ‘’ into my ‘Assets List’ on ', but NOT my PBXact ones. I have also emailed my Account Manager to try & get this rectified.

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