Support for Digium D60 Series

Hi all

Is there any support planned for the Digium D60 phones?


Hi All

Still looking for some feedback on this - or is there a better method to get feedback from Sangoma?


What module are you using for configuring the D60. If Digium Phone module then you need to talk with them as they are the producers of that module in FreePBX not us.

Hi Tony

To date I have been using EPM, and other Phone Apps. From within EPM it looks like it will support the D60 series without any issue; however the Phone Apps im not too sure about:

Phone Apps Supported Devices


Ya as far as phone apps we are not adding support specifically for any new phones anymore. All the focus has been with Sangoma Phones on Phone Apps as we were running into to many issues with others that we can’t fix. So all you can do is test and see if they work for your needs.

Ok, thanks. We would actually like to use the Sangoma Phones; but needed to find something with a better build quality. We are trying to move people from a Ayava/Nortal based system… where the phones are rock solid, quick, and tidy for the users to use.

With the Sangoma Phones, we had complaints of the ability to dial numbers, which we replicated, and from feedback via the forums, we shouldnt have seen this issue, as the phone was running current firmware, and was provisioned via EPM.

This all said, I’m not sure the issue was really software or that the buttons just stick some times.

Do you know if there will be a revised version of the Sangoma with a better build quality, happy for a more expensive price point, etc…


We have tens of thousands deployed and installed and very few reports of any problems. The early batches had some issues with keypads on 1 batch but anyone who reported them and did a RMA got a replacement. I suggest you open a RMA on them but Sangoma is known for quality and these are far from cheap phones to build but as with any new product you have some glitches you learn from.

Ok, thanks. I have ordered another unit to see if it is any different. Our test units are from the first batch that shipped (I believe, ordered early in the pre order).

The cost of shipping from NZ to the USA makes the RMA process hardly worth it… freight is worth about 50% of the phone value.


Hi Tony

The new phone arrived today… although I’m not sure if it is new…

The buttons work in the same fashion at the original phone, and the hand piece is too small for the phone, and wont fit in to the clip on the phone base, it feels to be about half the weight of the other S500 I have.

Any ideas here?

Something is not right with that. It almost sounds like you have the wrong handset. Where did you order the phone from?


PM me your order number.

Have done. We have just looked at the button issue, and it is when pressing on the edge of the button… If you press dead centre of the button, it works; however in our UAT users must commonly press the edge of the buttons.

Yes and we fixed this 8 months ago after the first batch of phones. We made some changes to the keypad to make it alot more sensitive and when you press the corners even softly it picks up the entry. It really sounds like you have a old phone.

Phone was shipped from Sangoma 21st of November 2016 - I would hope it is a new phone, as surely Sangoma wouldn’t ship out a phone with a known issue (intentionally anyway)…

Mac address of the units i have here are:
redacted- (November Phone)
redacted - (Original Phone)

Edit by @xrobau : Note MAC’s have been redacted deliberately.

Oh, and BTW, I’m in Australia. I’m not a place that you’ll have any luck sending phones to, but I am slightly more convenient if you’re having problems 8)

Thanks Rob… appreciate it… hopefully I’m going to have a light at the end of the tunnel shortly…

We had hung out waiting for NZ regional settings for the Digium phones, which we got a couple of weeks ago, but then the news earlier in this tread that development of new phones isn’t happening due to the focus on the Sangmoa hardware (which makes sense).

Then the light lit up again, with the major issues we had looking to be resolved in newer hardware version… but my luck, looks like we got a dud…

Hopefully we are almost there!


We have 2 Sangoma phones that we used for testing, and so far, things are going quite well with them. I confess that I personally prefer the massive room-lighting presence of the large Digium D50 and D70 series, as it is clearly obvious from across the room what the LED status is, as they are comparable in brilliance to outdoor Christmas Tree lights.

The only problem I have had with Sangoma, so far, is that the BIOS on my set are stuck at level and they refuse to update, either to my server, or via http direct upload.


Have you downloaded updated firmware in EPM under firmware management.