Superfecta Lookup - Address Book - Post Inbound Route

Freepbx/Asterisk 13
I have an application that I am trying to build out that keeps track of a whitelist. For end-user simplicities sake I am using the Asterisk Phonebook module in FreePBX.

They are entering whitelist entries like:
Number: 5555555555
Name: FAX
Speed dial: No speed dial entered

The part where the code comes into play is after the inbound route, so I cannot enable Superfecta Lookup to change the CIDname (the CID number wouldn’t be correct at this step of the process anyway).

My question is, assuming I have the correct callerID set for a match, how can I change the Caller ID name to match what is in the Asterisk Phonebook based on the CallerID number?

Basically if the CID number matches, change the CID name to the related CID name (FAX) in the Asterisk Phonebook.

Thanks for any guidance here.

Got this using: ${DB_EXISTS(cidname/${CALLERID(dnid)})}

  • This returned a true/false (1/0) statement to confirm if the number was there.
  • This also automatically populated the variable ${DB_RESULT} with the CALLERID NAME from the address book (“FAX”).

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