Super choppy calls on chan_sip doorbell

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Hello everyone,

I’ve encountered an issue with call quality on a SIP doorbell and our phones. The call quality is super choppy on both ends, including hold music. What are some of the first steps that should be taken to debug this?

FreePBX version:
Doorbell: GV-CR1320
Phone: Grandstream GXP2130 connected locally


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How do the resources (CPU, Network, Memory, Swap) look during these calls? Potentially transcoding overhead? You could be dropping packets on the network. A wireshark of the call will show you if you are losing packets.

A debug from the box could also provide clues as to what is going on.

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The CPU, Network, and Memory are all running at or below 50% during the calls. Here’s the debug from the call: I also attached a couple wireshark grabs to this post.


In Wireshark, select an RTP packet then choose Telephony -> RTP -> Stream Analysis.
Post screenshot.

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