Suggestions and Reciommendations for VOIP Provider

While I am very happy with the service and quality from VoipStreet for our incoming and US calls I could use some suggestions and recommendations for a provider to be a backup and provide International calling with decent quality and price.
I have looked at IP Communications ( and I am interested since they provide service to many countries at reasonable prices. Any other suggestions? Anybody used them for a provider and can give feed back?

One of my accounts needs access to primarily England and Australia, while another needs access around the world. Another usually calls Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Australia. Is there a particular provider that would be better for one of these?

Thanks ahead of time for suggestions, Yes I am in the USA. Washington State so I need someone here not oversea’s! I have seen lots of suggestions for elsewhere :>

Looking forward to replies,

I use vitelity and; so far so good (I’ve been with them both for about a year).
I only call the US so I’m not sure they fit for you.

I like They are priced fairly and have a good selection of DID’s.