Suggestion: Matrices for Trunks, Outbound Routes, Extensions, Custom Contexts, Inbound Routes etc

Hey everybody,

I am not sure if I am right here in this area of the forum, but as I assume, new suggestions can be discussed here.

I am working with freepbx for several years with 120 users. It is very circuitous to configure every Outbound Route for each Trunk, every custom context for each Outbound route, every Custom Context for each Outbound Route, every Extension for each Custom Context, and every Inbound Route for every Extension …

Maybe it is possible to create a config-page for every of this combinations where you can fill in a matrix that relates the Trunks with the outbound routes for example. This matrix can not only be filled with ones and zeros but also with numbers to create orders.

I hope someone is interested in this idea.

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Why would you ever need to create an outbound route per user? Not sure I understand the application.

okay, maybe this is not a problem for every installation, but I would guess for a lot:
Yes, every intern user (extension) has its own trunk (and Outbound route). Every user has registered an SIP-Account by a SIP-Provider.

Why would you need a SIP account for each user? I have worked on 100’s of production systems and have never seen a need for such a configuration.

I am simply trying to understand your application.

There are places in the code that could use some tables for easier configuration, but your scenario is very very far from the standard use and design point of FreePBX.

In all reality, it may be easier to configure a system like you are trying to create directly in configuration files then force feeding FreePBX into working for the described scenario. However, FreePBX is quite flexible so if it is better for you to do it this way, then that’s great that it is helping you even though maybe not as conveniently as you would like.

I am thinking it sounds like he is running a little phone server to give people features etc ?

Do you have a SIP account for each user so you can have a DID assignment for each user ?

I can see what you are looking for and maybe why as well.

have you looked at the Bulkextension module yet ?

It may give you what you need in some way ?

Or you need to get deep into it and start doing a database tool for it if you really need something special.

Just my 2.85 cents to the topic




It’s the way SegwayDude tells it:
I am running an Asterisk-server for a student dome and every student registers an account by his favorite SIP-Provider (e.g. and I fill in the SIP-ID and SIP-PW in my Asterisk-Server and with 7 ATAs ( the students have acces to VOIP with their (old) analog telephones for very low costs.
We do not have common outgoing telephon-line because we don’t want the billing-work.

Yes, a database tool would be nice (well there are sip.conf and extensions.conf and …).
Maybe one of the next realeases will have a advanced database functions - just a suggestion.

Thanks for reading and helping.


Thanks for your replies!

FreePBX is really flexible and it works the way I want.
Maybe (at any time) we will have a common-shared landline. Then we will use some more features of FreePBX and use Custom Contexts and Outbound Routes to route telephone-calls to landlines (flatrate) and to mobile-phones differently for every user.
We consider to use the telephone-system for a doorphone.

Best wishes for your work and thanks for your interest.


levithomas, maybe ( as a thanks for all the replies ) tell us what this scenario is ? 120 users in what kind of environment ? I only ask because your question is somewhat unusual and I ( for one) don’t understand the need. Not saying the need is a bad one, just out of the ordinary.

What say you ?

Hallo again,

I would like to answer the last question as a thank for all the replies.

I am using FreePBX in a student dorm. 120 students are living there. We do not have a common shared landline, so everybody has registered its own sip-account by a sip-provider. We are using the PBX for outgoing calls and also calls within the dorm.

I hope this answers your question.

Thanks a lot