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I have been an avid FreePBX user for many years now. I learned a lot about telephony though this program. There is a lot of feelings that are going around about the project, and while there is communication, it is scattered in posts, and blogs and other places. I know there is not unlimited time for documentation, but one thing I really liked in the past was the roadmap.

Roadmap - FreePBX OpenSource Project - Documentation

It made things very transparent. What are we working on? When are we doing it? etc. I think it could help people understand the project better and might help fill in blanks vs third parties taking the liberty of doing so on their own.

What does everyone think?

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Well I think that Sangoma themselves have been wondering for a while which direction to go with FreePBX so Iā€™m not sure how they could have possibly kept it updated. But yes, I love the idea of getting back to using this.

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