Suggested FreePBX appliances

Suggested FreePBX appliances

I really want to support the FreePBX distro project and get certified hardware at the same time. Just like mobile phones are basically made in three sizes now (think Samsung S4, S4 mini, Note 3) I think the FreePBX distro project needs to add two more sizes to the current lineup. I’m needing to build two PBX systems and I’m having to assemble my own hardware because these options don’t exist.

The current offerings are not really right for anyone IMHO. I suggest adding these two, a rackmount and a tiny box. Those are the two biggest camps I bet. Feel free to get the hardware you think is best. These just represent the form factors you need to offer.

  • 1U rackmount Supermicro SYS-5015A-EHF-D525 for offices with ~10 people

  • Mini-ITX Supermicro 1017A-MP for home offices

Thanks for your suggestions.

Most PBX installations for smaller offices are wall mounted, which the classic appliance is appropriate for. If you need it in a rack, most post racks have very affordable shelves you can pop in, these will give you better access to the PBX than 1U rack mount.

As for an appliance for home offices we can look into it, but it’s tough to go smaller without sacrificing things like raid 1 and additional hard drives (we already sell a lot of classics to SMB and SOHO clients).

We sell tons of the existing appliances in their current configurations, but are always looking to evolve the product line where it makes sense.

Thanks, for the small boxes dual msata should work. I don’t know of any boards yet, but something to look forward too.