Suddenly reloading got slow as well as the GUI


I’ve been setting up an FreePBX server for a project of mine. The test VM had no problems at all, as well as a clean install in the actualy infrastructure. However since about two days, for no apparant reason, the GUI became extremly slow, and reloading takes forever. Also, when adding an extension, it is shown as active from the system, yet only after a reboot of the Server, the phone will connect to it. When rebooting, the GUI will show the message “No connection to the Asterisk” which means that the Asterisk service did not come up in the same time. Though this was not the case before. Using the “top” command on a command prompt, shows some spikes in ressources, yet nothing that constantly drains the system of ressources.

I removed all preinstalled commercial modules, yet i do not see any improvement.

Do you have any advice?

Thank you very much

And sorry for my bad english

un-licensed commercial modules do absolutely nothing so their presence or removal will not affect performance.

Try running fwconsole reload and see how long that takes. Other things I would look at are

top to see cpu utilization
free -mal to see memory utilization
du -h to see disk usage