Suddenly Getting Call Disconnection Issue on Twilio Trunk

we have suddenly facing call disconnection issue on our Twilio PJSIP trunk.

upon checking the call Details it’s observed that our from is sending with private ip as well.

sip:[email protected]
SIP from address: sip:[email protected]

What could be the issue?

You’ll need to look at your Twilio Console and see what Twilio is logging for reason the calls are getting disconnected, if it is a actually a problem with Twilio.


on the Twilio call got connected but after 30sec it’s disconnected and when we see the console logs.

it shows the call coming from private ip. however without any changes this trunk was working perfectly fine.

This is where my signaling and media ip’s are public but From is with private ip.

This is probably one of the most common issues asked here and online. Can you check the Settings → Asterisk SIP settings page and make sure that the External Address and Local Network addresses are set correctly?

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