Subscriptions lost after a relaod or "some time"

Hi there,
I do have a small FreePBX set up with Yealink phones.
This has been up and running fairly well for a few weeks now after a trial period.

One phone does have BLF and they used to work. But at some point I lost them. I did not pay much attention to i, and I am unsure the changes I made or when they went, but now I would like to fix this one last issue.

I have worn my eyes and fingers crawling the web for a solution and I have narrowed this to subscriptions and possibly teh fact that I am in device and user mode.

Basically :

  • it seems that subscriptions are not created “by default”. At system starup, phone connection or whatever, the subscription list is empty.
    BUT, if I force a disconnect / connect from a user on a device (#12 / #11), the subscription appears in the list and last “for some time” before eventually going again (and if user A logs in on user’s B default phone, when A logs back out both A and B will show in subscriptions)
  • now with those subscriptions that I have “forced” if I issue a reload in the console, they disapear as well (exactly are not recreated on reload).
  • MWI subscriptions are totally OK.

Any idea where that could come from and what I have missed in the process ?

I have found some old Asterisk bugs around that, but they all seem solved by now (a few years old).

I am running the last version of everything (auto update) and I have no idea where to look now.

Any helps will be much appreciated.