Submitting patches


Is there a formal way to submit patches and such? (ie. method, coding style, formats etc.), or are changes merely checked in to svn?

I’ve quickly scanned the Wiki, but cant find anything which directly addresses this. My apologies if I’ve missed something.

I’ve also encountered bug and have made changes to the recording and ivr modules to address the issue. I’d like to contribute these back to the main development effort.


patches are usually submitted as patch tickets however if they address a specific bug such as #2511 that you mention, just attach it to the bug ticket for review. Then a developer with svn access can review it and if appropriate put the fix in. It also allows others who see the bug to try the patch themselves which helps with testing and confirmation of the solutions. (Assuming they are not obvious which often is the case).

As far as formal coding styles and all, unfortunately not at this time. (Although it is something that would be a good thing).

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