Stutter or dropout on incoming call (ivr)


Caller hears a stutter at beginning of announcement when dialing in from outside. (Copper line)
Recording starts with ‘Thank you for calling…’ but sounds like ‘Th (dropout) k you for calling’.
Dialing 7777 internally sounds fine.
Happens only on Time Condition ‘Incoming’
Time condition: Incoming destination: IVR & Main business hours
Time group mode.
Time group: Incoming
08:88 - 16:30. Mon-Thu.

Other time conditions lead to different recordings and don’t have this problem.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Is there a voicemail on the copper line account?

If so, check to see if there’s a VM waiting - this sounds like the standard “VM Stutter” from the old POTS systems.

This happens before the call gets to an account. It hits the ivr first.
There is no voicemail service on the trunk.

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