Stupid Request - Multiple Inbound Routes Multiple Queues 1 extension

I have a client that is requesting all 9 of their lines to ring in all on a different queue so that all 9 numbers have their own line on the phone itself. I am trying to find a way to accomplish this without putting 9 extensions onto all 26 phones. I cannot find a way to do this, and if there is not, I figured someone here would be able to tell me!

First, a queue is a very specific thing that has nothing to do with lines (and wtf even is a line), accounts, or extensions.

Define things more clearly. Is this what you are talking about?

  1. The client has 9 inbound DID.
  2. The client wants each DID to ring in and light up a specific light on all the phones.
    1. We assume said lights are labelled Line 1 through Line 9.

Let me retype this, but yes, you are on point.

The customer has 9 DIDs, and they want 9 buttons on the IP Phones to be able to receive a call on each of those buttons (lines) individually, but to ring to all 20 phones on all 9 buttons.

In my eyes, the way to do it is to create multiple extensions for all phones, and have all 9 softkeys registered to their own extension, and to send each inbound route to their own Queue or Ring group, or something along those lines.

To use a “Line” button functionality, you are basically correct, and wow what a pain in the ass. Tell the client that times have changed since the 1980’s. There is a much better workflow now than basic key system functionality.

If they only care about seeing the light on the “Line” button while the call is ringing, you can use ring groups.

  1. Set up Ring groups 101 - 109 (or what ever extension range)
  2. Put all the phones as members of all of the ring groups.
  3. Setup BLF on each phone for the ring groups.

Of course the next thing they will want to be able to put the call on hold and tell Bob that he has a call on line 1. Which you cannot do with those 9 buttons as BLF.

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The best thing that you can do, aside from beating them over the head until they agree to stop being stupid is to use the CID Prefix.

  1. Go to your inbound routes and make one for each DID. Set the CID Prefix to "Line 1: ", etc.
  2. Send all 9 inbound routes to the same destination (time control, etc) that eventually ends in a ring group that rings all phones.
  3. Create a parking lot with 9 slots (Lot 70 with 9 slots).
  4. Make 9 BLF, one for each parking slot (71-79). Label them Line 1 through Line 9.
  5. Setup the phone to Blind transfer on BLF.

So the call will come in. The screen will say “Line 1: Bundy (3145551212)” (or whatever your Superfecta settings return).
The user will answer the phone and talk.
If the users needs to get someone else, they can push the matching “Line” button (aka park) to park the call.

I am looking at the phone and I see 4 different BLF options (sorry btw, I was just kind of thrown into this project and have a small knowledge on PBX systems than most). BLF, BLF Privacy, BLX Xfer, and BLF/List. Am I just setting this up on the normal BLF? That is what you said, but I have never had to go this route to try and get this working in this fashion. I am trying to get them to just let us send all calls to one queue and have the name prefix for each route customized so they know which line its coming from. I agree, its because they are used to their current phone system that they have had since day 1. Thank you for the help thus far, I will check back with you later!

I understand what you’re asking. I asked the same questions when I went from my old Key System to a PBX system years ago.

The short answer is that technology has moved far beyond the idea of a “Line”. Calls are no longer linked to a physical cable or line so it doesn’t make any sense to refer to them in that way.

It’s super easy to have a call ring every extension, or only some extensions. They will show up on each phone but could be on a different light from phone to phone. For example if a call comes in and one person is already on a call, they will have one light showing as busy, and a second light flashing as it’s ringing. A different phone may show that same call flashing on the first light since there was no call on their phone already.

BLF lights can be used to show what person is on a call, but not what “line” is on a call because there are no lines…they don’t exists any more.

Transferring is easy because you just transfer a call, not a line. Start thinking in terms of calls instead of lines and things get a lot easier.

It would help if you told people what phones you were using.

But based on that, it sounds like Poly i think? Use BLF Xfer.

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