Stupid Question: What are my phone IPs?

So I can tell the mac addresses. Configure the templates of the provisioning files. However, if I am connecting remotely into the system and forgot the IP addresses of the phones or the router gave them a different IP.

How do I find the IP address of each phone?

Am I missing something? I have the “End Point Configuration Manager” installed and up to date. I can see a cool little green icon telling me my phones all work.

But where the heck do I get the IP?!?!?!

Even the call log is useless.

/var/log/asterisk/full.log tells me nothing except the stupid sip channel that goes to the phone… but no IP info…

One solution would be to check the DHCP leases on your DHCP server, the other would be to go to asterisk cli, and type “sip show peers” -> here you can see the IP addressess of all the peers.

Be honest…

Seems silly to have to do that just to see what is the IP address of your phones is…

Does FreePBX have a web based CLI console?

From the Asterisk CLI…

sip show peers like xxxx

where xxxx is the extension number.

To see all phones…

sip show peers

FreePbx has asterisk command line access through the GUI.


You have a very negative and confrontational attitude. That’s hardly a way to solicit help. If you’d done a bit of playing and exploring FreePbx you’d see the Asterisk CLI feature. I do object to your characterization of the FreePBX software as “stupid”.



I object to your objection. Not one thing in my post can even be close to be misconstrued as charactering anything or anyone associated with FreePBX as stupid.

The only time I ever used the word “Stupid” was aimed at myself and my ignorance.

I have used Elastix and Trixbox extensively and while they do have some useful features. Like a quick web based utility for phones which does show IP addresses.

Overall the FreePBX project is the best and I am currently using the CentOS FreePBX version available on the site for 3 systems.

I did not mean sound confrontation and I really appreciate the help. I was just pointing out that going through the CLI just to get the IP addresses of my phones was a round about way of doing it.

Also, I have gone through the FreePBX menus a couple of times and did not see the CLI, however I did finally manage to get it. I was just rushing and didn’t notice it. It’s not something I use too often.

trixbox and Elastix are FreePBX based systems (trixbox an ancient “forked” version)they are distributions. The software package comes from one official source,

As far as having “Extensive” experience and not knowing where the CLI is, that is humorous.

Lastly, FreePBX has a tool on the tool memu “Asterisk Info” that will display registrations.

Out of curiosity why is this having the IP important for you? I am curious as to why you would need it regularly.

As far as being misunderstood in the forums, it happens. Don’t worry about it.

Click Tools, Asterisk Info module, Full Report.