Stupid Question: Multiple DIDs on a single trunk?

I’m just a hobbyist and I’m completely self-taught. I’ve successfully run FreePBX for many years, using 3 Google Voice numbers through 2 Obi202s, one trunk from Callcentric, and two MagicJacks through SPA8800. I want to port the MagicJack DIDs and the Callcentric DID over to Twilo.

My question is this: Do I need three separate trunks, one for each DID, or can I use a single trunk? It seems to me that, if Twilo supports it, it’s simply a question of configuring 3 inbound routes, one for each DID, in FreePBX, and 3 outbound routes, that set the outbound DID, using just the single trunk. Would that work?

Thanks in advance.

You can certainly do it with one trunk, and that’s the recommended way.

However, I assume that as a hobbyist you don’t have a static IP address and therefore will be using SIP registration. With Twilio, there is a minor gotcha if you also want to pass outbound caller ID dynamically. Their article at

explains how to do this.

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