Stuck on 'Request Sent'

I’ve searched around and can only find a few unanswered topics on this: Every now and then, but seemingly once a day at this point, the connection hangs up on ‘Request Sent’ and the only thing that seems to unstick it is a server reboot. sip reload, and core restart have no effect.

Versions (too old probably)
PBX Version:
PBX Distro:12.7.6-1904-1.sng7
Asterisk Version:13.27.1

I’ve got sip set debug on now to try and catch any issues if they arise again.

Not much details here. But I assume that ‘something’ is eating the server resources and causing a crash.

Please provide a sip trace via pastebin, the server resources, amount of extensions/calls etc etc etc

look in /var/log/syslog (or messages) at about that time for a possible clue

Okay more details, apologies.

I can’t see anything obviously wrong in /var/log/messages at the reported failure times. I’m not a linux expert by any means but there’s nothing that stands out in the log at the right times that isn’t occurring at any other times in previous logs.

Several things have changed recently however:
We have changed trunking provider from Zen to Voipfone. Configured pbx as per which has worked in the past, for months at a time without issue.

I have changed back to a landline ADSL connection as it is more reliable in our location. I have reverted back to the previous connection which worked without problem whilst we were on the previous provider to see if it works. An engineer came to fix a fault with the ADSL today, which i wasn’t aware of, as all my monitoring tools show it to be fine, no loss, no latency etc.

Here is a log from asterisk : from working registration responses to the “UNREACHABLE!” error. There is a phone call that was attempted moments after the last “SIP/2.0 200 OK” response from the trunk provider, could the phone call have triggered the failure somehow?

Server doesn’t report any resource issues at the moment (it has been recently restarted) but I will check again if it drops. 50% free disk space and memory at the moment. Very little cpu usage. There arent many users, especially at the time of night that it dropped the connection last. 2 maximum.

I’m still working through a few things so I will try and update as i make any findings. Thanks for suggestions so far.

It looks like the firewall is tripping over something it thinks is “SkyVPN”, but there’s nothing of the sort on the server, unless it came with the Sangoma installation disk I used when I first set the system up, nothing else has been installed on the machine since then. Further investigation required I think.

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