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I’m not sure what happened to one of my servers. It has been activated and accessible for months now. I got a notification about a security related issue, and when I try to access the GUI, it was saying it was activated, but needed to be activated again. Ok, weird, so I clicked on the activate, pulled the already existing activation ID and tried to reload apache. After that, it redirects to https://[VOIP FQDN]:80/admin/config.php.
So the problem is I disable HTTP access to the GUI (set to port 8080) and reject all attempts. I only want HTTPS. So the fact that it adds :80 to an https request is funny. Yet, if I clear the :80 from the address bar and try again, it just loads with a small window labeled “Installing Brand Updates” for a split second, and poof, redirect to the same address line as above. I’ve tried restarting the server entirely, same result. I’ve checked the following:
fwconsole sa info --> This shows its activated with the correct ID
I have tried deleting the license files (rm -rf /etc/schmooze/*.zl) and attempted again, same results.
I even disabled the firewall to try to allow it to refresh to that http side, and it doesn’t seem to be working as I get a permission error trying to access that.
So at this point, I cannot access the GUI at all. Any suggestions?
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So after playing around with this for some time. I have found a solution to this problem. Since I still had CLI access, I manually changed the ports that were assigned in the database:

UPDATE sysadmin_options SET value=81 WHERE `key`=“leport”;
UPDATE sysadmin_options SET value=80 WHERE `key`=“acp”;

This allowed the stuck activation process to finish fully and once it redirected back to the dashboard, I was able to navigate the GUI and change the ports back to what I wanted. Somewhere, that activation is hard coded to redirect to port 80, and that probably should be changed to read from the database for the current, correct values. I’m still not sure how or why this activation was prompted because it had been activated and was being used for months. None of the other servers I manage did this, so I’m not sure what prompted this process to start in the first place. Hopefully this helps someone else.

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Submit a ticket so that doesn’t get lost.


This is a good point, thank you! I have submitted it just now.


I noticed i have that issue with Chrome. Firefox does not present this problem. Just my two cents.


At first I figured it was a caching problem. I tried in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, both main browsers and private variations. It was the same results regardless. I usually use Edge as my primary. I actually downloaded Firefox to try it on that, because I never use it on my system.

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