Stuck during Phone Apps module update. Now what do I do?

I was doing module updates and had two to process. The first one, the firewall update, went well. No problems. But when it started the next one it got stuck. It was updating Phone Apps from to Running FreePBX on a Sangoma system, Asterisk 13.13.1. Any suggestions? What do I do from here?

Downloading and Installing restapps
Downloading restapps 415534 of 415534 (100%)
Installing restapps
Stopping old running processes…Done
Starting new RestApps Process…Started with PID 25575!
checking for timestamp field…already exists
Generating CSS…Done
restapps installed successfully
Updating Hooks…

I applied the changes in another window, then knowing it hadn’t finished teh Phone apps update I went to module admin and did a force download and update on the Phone Apps module. It results in the same frozen prompt.

I know this is a commercial app, and I haven’t purchased it. And perhaps that’s the reason it’s not able to continue? I was trying to keep my system as current as possible but maybe doing the upgrade to an idle module is causing the hang?

Same problem here. I just did it via the CLI and it worked fine

fwconsole ma upgrade restapps

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