Stuck at Activation screen after restore from FreePBX 13 to 16

Running into the same issue trying to activate a system as @oshns11 in this post from January after restoring a FreePBX 13 backup to a fresh 16 install and wondering if anyone has an easy answer for a solution before I go wait in line for support.

Not sure what you’re seeing but I’ve run into issues where when moving a server and it goes to activate it’ll try to add port 8080 to the https link. When I see that I just remove the S in HTTPS and it works. After it activates you can shut off http access and delete the 8080 out of the URL. Dont know if thats the same thing youre running into.

Not the same for me. Won’t get past that activation window either through HTTP or HTTPs connection to the GUI.

Sangoma support was able to resolve this issue by modifying some php settings. If anyone runs into this in the future you can reference ticket # 01401216 for the resolution.

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