Struggling with unsigned SCCP module

I’m struggling with the SCCP Manager module while trying to get some Cisco phones working.
I’ve worked from this link Module Signing - PBX GUI - Documentation to try to deal with the signing, but I can’t issue the commands because they don’t appear to exist when I console to the VM

Can someone shine a light on what I’m doing wrong please?

Can you provide additional detail on your setup? What version? Are you running the distro?

HI, sorry for the late reply here, I dropped the question then went on annual leave, so my timing wasn’t very sharp there! Yes, I’m using the distro.
Version info -
Current PBX Version:
Current System Version:12.7.8-2203-2.sng7

KR, Nathan.

The commands would not exist on the asterisk cli, ssh’d into the FreePBX server and run the fwconsole commands.

Ah! Thought console was the same command set. So I’m now back to square one. I was using console because my password file tells me what the ssh passwd is, only it’s evidently wrong as I can’t gain access. So I’ll have to have a go at the reboot the server passwd recovery function.
Thanks for letting me know console and ssh isn’t the same here.

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