Struggling setting up my first phone/handset

Hi all, I’m new to Asterisk and Freepbx. I just installed and set up Freepbx, set up my trunk, my basic inbound and outbound rules and am now stuck on users and extensions.

I set up an extension (pjsip) , and in the process it asks me to set up a user I called reception.

When I try program my phone, registration fails. My Asterisk logs show the following:

Request 'REGISTER' from '"reception" <sip:[email protected]>' failed for '' (callid: [email protected]_168_0_100) - No matching endpoint found
Request 'REGISTER' from '"reception" &lt;sip:[email protected]&gt;' failed for '' (callid: [email protected]_168_0_100) - Failed to authenticate

I’m a little unsure how to interpret the error. Do I have to do additional setup of endpoints? Where do I set it up?

Am I maybe using the incorrect username and password strings from users or extensions? What SHOULD I be using as they both seem to have username and password/secret values and not sure which I should be using.

Thank you in advance.

To register a SIP device, you must use the SIP username and the SIP secret, both of which are found in Applications, Extensions.

Thank you. I’m just too late to update my post but I got it working on my own. The answer was as you say the details from the Extension. The password was the secret of said extension, but the username was the value listed in the extension field when I go to Application->Extensions as in my image below:

How I solved my problem was by logging in via ssh and scratching around in /etc/asterisk/pjsip.conf which led me to pjsip.endpoint.conf and finally arriving in pjsip.auth.conf which showed me the username and password that it was expecting.

In hindsight I was nearly there, but my uncertainty and confusion between endpoints and extensions prevented me from accidentally getting it working, but then I wouldn’t have gained a deeper understanding and probably would have been unsure why it was working.

As for the username, can it be changed somehow to be an alphanumeric username as it’s currently an extension number which is simply a 1.

Thanks again

FreePBX only supports sip credentials where the SIP username matches the extension number.

Got it. Thanks for your help. I now have working extensions :grinning:

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