Strange voicemail.conf issue

I’ve got a SNG7/freepbx 15 issue, I restored a backup form a Freepbx 14 install that I was migrating to a new host, and I am now seeing a random = being added to voicemail.conf that stops reloads/viewing the VM admin module etc. under [pbxaliases] I see this as the last line:

[email protected][email protected]
[email protected][email protected]


removing that “=” will allot reloads, but it is readded each time.

so from what that tells me there seems to be a DB entry for an extension that does not exist, this s the only PBX that I manage seeing this.

(I did need to load the backup via fwconsole as well as it would not upload via the backup/restore module page would hang at 99%, that is the only other oddness I’ve noted )

I’ve seen that upgrading or restoring to v15 sometimes the Extensions aren’t created properly, you may want to try to resubmit all Extensions.

I remember someone posted an easy URL shortcut to do so, but I cannot find it atm.

From the bash prompt, do:

fwconsole m

which will take you to mysql. Run this query:

select * from kvstore_FreePBX_modules_Voicemail;

you will get a full list of extensions with vm enabled. Look thru the list and see if one of the devices listed has something “odd” in the type column If there is one, that is probably the problem extension. Edit it, and resubmit without changes to see if it resolves.

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