Strange request from customer

Customer has approximately 40 messages on hold (short 10-30 sec spots).

Does not want them played in order (system seems to play alphabetically)
Wants random play so clients don’t start with same song or message each time they are placed on hold.

Wants to know if we can print out a list of what the system is playing over a period of time.

And, yes, customers can wait in a queue for 3-7 minutes sometimes longer.

Is there a way to set some sort of log to document some of this?

Yes but it is listed by call seq number in var/lib/asterisk/full log.

Not seeing anything in var/lib/asterisk that is “full log”

Could it be var/log/asterisk?

checked in var/log/asterisk saw “full”. Looked at it, but it doesn’t detail what moh files have been played.

Yeah I typed too fast.