Strange problem with recording/sounds

Running Sometime back, I was experimenting with the sound libraries - I live in Australia, and as such it would be nice to have language=au working. In fact, it would be nice to be able to have multiples working (So foreign callers can possibly be greeted in their native tongue…) So I grabbed some of the sounds kits from around the net, and parked them under the various subdirectories under /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/

Today, I though that I would get back to that. and so I went to the “Tools/System Recordings” section…

I am seeing the following error message come up.

Warning: is_dir(): Stat failed for /var/lib/asterisk/sounds//en14/phonetic/b_p.gsm (errno=13 - Permission denied) in /var/www/html/admin/modules/recordings/ on line 233

I have checked the ownership and protection and all seems hunky dory, but I notice two things in the above error message…

  1. THe double slash I don’t htink it should be there, but I can’t work out where it has come from…

  2. Equally, the EN14 - I do have an EN14 subdirectory, but under general settings, I have country indications set to Australia. I have also tried grepping for en14 in /etc/asterisk/*.conf, with no joy…

So a. does anyone have any idea where this doubleslash en14 may be stored, and b) does anyone have a detailed guide to doing robust multi-language support


the double slash is probably a ‘bug’ somewhere although the system just ignores them anyhow. Setting the language on the general screen does not effect the language that the system will answer in. You would need to set that on the inbound channel or elsewhere depending on what you are trying to do.

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OK I see that you have EN14 and yet the error say’s en14

Linux will not “see” that as the same thing…

Change it to lower case if it is in upper case.

amportal chown will set the permission’s for you

See the WiKi for more info