Strange messages in in Call Detail Record

Hi everybody, I am getting the enclosed messages. Does anybody have any idea what that means and how to solve it? Thanks for some help

Please provide the full logs. Also please describe what you did and what you expected to happen.

This is the result of the FreePBX rejecting the call. It is likely to have a given a reason, or the reason can be deduced from the part of the dialplan that called Congestion.

I have a suspicion this may be the result of receiving an unknown DID, which is either a configuration error, or the result of an attack on the system. All systems get attacked, but often it is possible to use firewalls to prevent them getting through, but there are cases where this can be difficult.

The context from-sip-external is the default context for unauthenticated incoming SIP calls. This indicates you are allowing inbound untrusted SIP traffic and that either Allow Anonymous and/or Allow SIP Guests is enabled in Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings. You can start by ensuring both are disabled.

Thanks a lot, that was it…

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