Strange issue: If someone calls Main number call gets transfer to random extension


We run a Freepbx server and it seems to be configured properly. Recently My boss reported that he received couple calls on his ext (which is forwarded to his cell phone number). When he asked caller how did he get his number, caller said he did not press anything on IVR.

How to check, where to check for the issue?

CDR report cannot tell you what exactly happened?

Please suggest,

Make some test calls and go through the log file to see where the trouble occurs.

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Thanks for the reply.

But it does not happen every time…it is just random thing. I am not sure if we can check old logs

Can you mention which log files I should go through and their path?

The /var/log/asterisk directory. The logs themselves start with ‘full’ and there will be multiple versions as the file is rotated. The ‘grep’ command will help considerably.