Strange extensions auto created

Hi all,
I am facing a very strange behaviour:
All my extensions, IAX2 or SIP, were duplicated as SIP with a 99 leading

so I had extension 11001 SIP and extension 12002 IAX2, and now I see these ones AND SIP 9911001 AND SIP 9912002.

Actually I don’t know what I did !
Now I created a new extension, and I have no duplicate (till now!)

In the afternoon I perform an upgrade of the freepbx distro, so I applied

but to be honest I don’t know if these new extensions appeared after these upgrade …

It’s only now that I did a SIP SHOW PEERS command that i saw them !

on the gui I don’t have any strange extensions, only the right ones
On the SIP table of the mysql asterisk db the strange extensions are present

What the Hell I did ??? How can I remove these entries ???

thaks in advance,

These are from the WebRTC module and they are normal and fine. If you want them to go away go into usermanager and disable webrtc for all users.

Thank you very much for your answer.
I did not know anything about webRTC and User Manager, so now I am trying to fix my poor knowledge !

I deleted all the users present in User Management, without prior removing the enable webRTC flag.

Some 99 extensions went away, some other are still present (to be more precise: the extensions bound to extensions still existing are still there; the removed ones were bound to deleted extensions)

So now I am trying to use WebRTC, which seems to me having a very good potential. With Inernet Explorer I have no phone on the upper right; with Mozilla firefox I have it, but when I press the call button it does not do anything; same behaviour in chrome

anyway: this topic can be considered closed and well answered.

If I will need further assistance, I will open a new more specific thread

IE does not and will not ever support this.