Strange DISA problem - SOLVED

Hi gang

I just replaced my Trixbox server with PBX-in-a-flash, running on different hardware (an E-box 4800). All went well, except that DISA does not seem to work any longer. I have a dedicated DID to access DISA, and it routes correctly, asks for the password, etc. However, it appears that none of my keypresses are recognized. When I enter the PIN, after each keypress the dialtone continues, and when I enter a phone number to dial, same thing; the dialtone just continues as if all keypresses are being ignored.

I even set the confirmation flag on (prompt says to enter 1 repeatedly), however these keypresses are ignored as well. Any suggestions?

So, it turns out the problem was that I was testing it from one of my local extensions (doh!). Works fine from outside.