Strange DHCP issue with Sangoma S705 not registering

Hello All,

Since yesterday any Sangoma phones that reboot, do not get an IP in the correct VLAN.
We have had many of the S705 for a couple years with no issues, correct vlan IP etc has been fine.
Suddenly with no Network/PBX/Phone changes all Sangoma’s aren’t getting the IP therefore not communicating with PBX.
We went and added the MAC info to the Cisco switches to ensure Sangoma got assigned to the Voip Vlan.
What we are seeing is that the switch assigns the Sangoma’s to the correct vlan, but somehow the phone is asking dhcp for an ip address in the wrong vlan.

A few reboot etc, and nothing has changed, any ideas?


Please elaborate on how the VLAN is assigned to the phone?

Cisco Switch recognizes Cisco/Grandstream/snom & Sangoma phones and assigns it to the VLAN.

Assuming via CDP?

What are your LLDP settings in EPM?

I use the default settings in EPM, LLDP is disabled.
We have had these phones running at least 2 years with standard DHCP Boot 66 option, and the Cisco SG series putting the phones into vlan 2.

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