Strange behavior after backup restoration related to inbound & outbound calls

(Coulon Laurent) #1


After a backup restoration of a fully working simple config i am no longer to receive and place calls anymore even the trunk is registered.

When an incomming call comes-up, the call is properly routed to expected ring group but when an extension pick-up the call to answer it immediately terminate the call and hangs up .

When trying to place an outbound call, the server informs all lines are busy .

No firewall rules are applied. ( firewall is disabled )
Could these issues related to the backup restoration ?
I am really stuck do not how to investigate further.

asterisk -rx"pjsip show registrations"
returns the following info
OVH_pjsip/ OVH_pjsip Registered

Is there asterik command that could help me to investigate what is wrong when inbound and outbound calls happen ?

Many thanks for your help,

(Itzik) #2

Can you post two call traces, incoming and outgoing calls?

Please post a pastebin link, see the wiki how to.

(Coulon Laurent) #3

This is the log when i attempt to place an OUTBOUND call (from a softphone)

[root@freepbx ~]# tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full
here is the result :
(the dialed number has been hiden by me afterwards, it is shown as : 06xxxxxxxx )

In CDR Report that outbound call has system id : 1606427404.4

[root@freepbx ~]# grep 1606427404.4 /var/log/asterisk/full*
/var/log/asterisk/full:[2020-11-26 22:50:04] VERBOSE[921][C-00000003] pbx.c: Executing [s@macro-user-callerid:1] Set("PJSIP/110-00000004", "TOUCH_MONITOR=1606427404.4") in new stack
/var/log/asterisk/full:[2020-11-26 22:50:38] VERBOSE[921][C-00000003] pbx.c: Executing [s@crm-hangup:4] NoOp("PJSIP/110-00000004", "MASTER CHANNEL: 1606427404.4 = 1606427404.4") in new stack

[root@freepbx ~]# grep C-00000003 /var/log/asterisk/full
here is the result :