Strange and disturbing message

someone tell me that means ??? :

Unauthenticated calls to the OpenCNAM API will soon fail. You will need an Open CNAM account to continue using their API pretty much lays it out.

They have recently updated their price structure and have done away with the professional/hobby tiers. It looks like it is a limited trial then .0039/lookup on the standard teir.

As this is a 3rd party site and 3rd party service all of this is subject to change. Check with them for full and up to date information

somewhere in the near future any time between 4 weeks ago and 2 years from now they will be killing unauthenticated requests.

They have confirmed that it is on their roadmap scheduled for “anytime now” they will require credentials.

When they decide to do this it will ultimately stop working if you are using it without a login.

You have 2 options.

  1. Get an account
  2. Remove the OpenCNAM lookup source.

Note you technically don’t need to do either until they flip the proverbial switch, but when they ultimately do things CNAM will stop working if this is your source.

James -

I am sorry for being such a blockhead, but where do we enter the credentials to let this message go away? I went to the opencnam website and set up an account, but I don’t see where to put that information into FreePBX. I see the service under Admin/CIDLookup, but no spot to enter credentials.


Use professional tier . Set that to yes. It unhides the credentials. In the next update the credentials will be exposed by default

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I signed up for an account the other day but it defaults to the Standard package so I have not used it. I can not find a free tier even mentioned anymore. The only place I can find “free” is “Try it over a hundred times FREE!”. So to me it looks like they are getting rid of the free tier unless someone else knows something I don’t.

Looks like they updated their site. You seem to be correct they have done away with their hobbiest/professional tiers for new pricing. I will correct my post.

how to Remove the OpenCNAM lookup source

OpenCNAM Requires Authentication…

I entered in the form “CIDLookup”

So I removed the voice OpenCNAM

But no way this thing does not go away!

How do I remove’m OpenCNAM someone knows?