Strang phone behavior after last update (Yealink T46G)

After last update when I make a call from x1040 to x1041 I hear x1041 ring twice in the x1040 earpiece then 2 beeps and no more ringing, then 2 beeps every 10 seconds, all the while x1041 has been ringing the whole time and can be picked up to connect the call

At my wits end trying to figure this one out

FreePBX 10.13.66-19
All modules updated
Commercial Endpoint Manager
Yealink T46G phones firmware

Did you by any method arrange for 1041 to be forwarded?

A log of a call will as ever be diagnostic.

Thanks for the response, turns out it was the firmware version on the phone, upgrading it to the newest available from Yealink stopped that behavior.

2 oddities helped me figure this out, 1, my Grandstream phone wasn’t effected, and 2, only Yealink phones provisioned by the Endpoint manager had the issue, factory reset phones that I manually entered the credentials did not.

I edited the post title to reflect the phone in case that helps anyone else.