Straight to VoiceMail

I have an odd issue where a customer claims that calls are going straight to voicemail, but when I check the CDRs I don’t see any reference to a call going to voicemail. Is it possible for a call to go to voicemail without it showing in the CDRs? Possibly from an IVR?

no one here is a mind reader. if a customer says his call went to voice mail , get the calling number and dig through the log to see what happened.

Yes, I did do that and that’s the issue. There is NO record of a call going to voicemail. I’m trying to find out if there is a way for a call to go to voicemail and not be recorded in the logs.

if it is not in the logs then it probably did not hit the pbx. i would check two things.

  1. does your trunk provider route failed calls to voicemail - unlikely but worth looking at
  2. is the call destination set to forward calls on to something else like a cell phone?
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