Storing a SIP Url

I would like to store a SIP Url so that any phone can use it via a speed dial code. The Url is not accepted by the phone book as it isn’t a complete number. How can I store [email protected] ?

Make a custom extension to suit (use the hover over help), dial it . .

Do you have a screen shot of this you can post?

No I don’t but I can assure you, mine would be much the same as yours. Just add the dialstring as the “help” popup suggests

Thanks for all the help. I’ve figured it out. Will post some notes latter, so other participants of the forum can benefit from this.

Thanks again for the help but I afraid I don’t understand where the dialstring is entered. Could you please be more specific and tell me where in the setup of an extension where I would enter the SIP Url? Is it under “Device Options / Dial”?

Please reread and this time absorb my postsi