Storage Issue: Call Recording Report Module

Hi guys just recently bought Call Recording Report Module for $125…Our problem is… even if we have deleted so many call recordings already from this month, If we will check the FreePBX System Status the storage still shows 78% and its like its almost 2 weeks that we have deleted some recordings already and it doesnt even indicate that at least it became 77%…Its always 78% if we look in the system status… What shall we do guys? Are we going to restart the FreePBX Server? Is there something to update or to refresh?


Try looking in the archived recordings link inside the Call Recording Report module admin. It sets by default to back up recordings every 2 months. Look in the recordings folder to see if a compressed backup file is there. If so removing that will free up a ton of space. I sometimes forget to delete it and run into a similar issuee.