Stopping mysqld in FreePBX 14

I would like to know what the proper way to shut down the MySQL service is going forward in FreePBX 14.

In FreePBX 13 I was able to do a simple service mysqld stop/start, however in 14 that is no longer an option. Is that now handled by fwconsole stop/start or am I just missing something obvious?

Direction with this is greatly appreciated.


MySQL was replaced by MariaDB, just use service mariadb stop


Thanks for the heads up! I didn’t even know what to search for to arrive at this information. Once again thanks for the info.

FMI: MySQL is still used, isn’t it? Data from modules like time conditions seems to show in phpmyadmin, which is a MySQL tool I guess.


MariaDB is a fork, a derivative, of MySQL…

It was created when MySQL was acquired by Oracle in 2008…

For all practical purposes, it behaves the same as MySQL…

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And so you learn something new every day. Thanks!