Stop internal to internal calls

How do I stop internal extensions calling each other

I have extensions 1000 up to 1340

I need to stop just 3 extensions making internal calls

1013, 1017 and 1022

Ive played with dial plans, and just can’t seem to block it

Thank you


If you want them just to RECEIVE calls and not be able to do anything else, set them up as a PJSIP extension, and change the context from ‘from-internal’ to something invalid, that doesn’t exist.

If you still want them to make EXTERNAL calls, but not INTERNAL, then it’s getting pretty complex, and I’d have to look into adding it to Class of Service


I need them to receive external calls, and make external calls to only 5 allowed phone numbers.

Ive purchased Class of Service and have used this to stop them from making unapproved external outgoing calls, but i can’t seems to stop them making internal calls. These are in a school and the kids must be stopped from messing about :wink:

Hope you can help



FreePBX itself has nothing to stop or restrict what extensions a phone can make.

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Can Class of Service not achieve this as suggested by xrobau?



As Rob said it would need to be added to Class of Service. At this time it does not restrict extensions. Just all other destinations. Its because FreePBX dialplan does not allow for this very easily with how agis and such in FreePBX are setup.

Sorry tony, i mis read his reply, i thought he meant it was something I needed to do in COS

I expect this is not something that comes up too often



Your best bet would be to set-up a separate PBX for those extensions that need the special limits, have those extensions register to to that separate PBX, and then link the two PBXs together using SIP or IAX Trunks and then use the Outbound Routes module to control who they can call on the remote system…

Alternatively, you might be able to place some limits on what the phones can dial using the dial plan for hte phones themselves.

I would also be keen to see CoS include the ability to limit extensions dialing eachother.

Sorry, thats just not practical at all, the reason I’m getting stick is the 14 year old alcatel that this has replaced did this function just fine …



As I said originally, change them to PJSIP extensions. Set their context to be ‘limit-4’ or something.

In /etc/astersk/extensions_custom.conf add this:

[limit-4] exten => 1234,1,Goto(from-internal,1234) exten => 4567,1,Goto(from-internal,4567) exten => 5678,1,Goto(from-internal,5678) exten => 1111,1,Goto(from-internal,1111)

Hi Rob

The reason i didn’t do what you said, is because you said Receive only , but i do need to be able to dial out.



Yes, I’ve added dialplan to let you limit where they go. If you’re unsure of how to get this working, if I may plug commercial support slightly, they’ll be able to do this for you, AND, you help to pay my wages! Everyone wins! (Except for the kids).