Stop fax detection - will pay for your support

I have a simple scenario, we test fax machines. I had freepbx doing this for years but the computer crashed and now I"m having trouble getting a fresh install to work. All I need are 2 extensions working of a SPA2102 that can fax to each other. I had the extensions registered but when we attempt to fax between the 2, freepbx picks up the line. I cannot find how to disable the inbound detection (there are no trunks setup). I will pay for your help.
Thank you

You can configure an SPA2102 so that you can call from one port to the other. No PBX is needed.

However, I you need the PBX for some other reason e.g. to log the calls, setup should be straightforward.

FreePBX does not do fax detection on extensions. If the calls are being answered internally, it’s probably to play an error announcement. Connect two analog phones to the SPA and report what you hear when calling from one to the other.

also Viking sell a ringdown device for $150 or so DLE-200B that might fit the bill

Hello Stewart,
Calling between extensions is fine, but when faxing, the line goes dead after a couple seconds. That tells me freepbx is picking up the line.
I tried P2P after you mentioned and after an hour playing with it I got it to work, which is a better solution than the freepbx for me, thank you.


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