Stomped on " No Network Connection"


Ok the system with the last FreePBX distro (Asterisks 11) is running as it should.

We have blend of Aastra phones: 480i (yes that old), and 6739i s.

All are reporting well, except for one of the 6739i phones.

ThHe display shows “No Network Connection”, and yet we can dial this extension, and this extension can be dialed into. It also can connect to the TFTP server, as is evident from the updated soft keys.

Initially the symptom was associated in displaying a wrong users name, which I contributed to a wrong internal setting. Looked at my config files (aastra.cfg, and .cfg) but do not see where it could go wrong. Just to be sure, I restored to default factory settings: it did resolve the wrong name on the phone, but did not change the network error message.

The TFTP server address, registrar, DNS, and gateway are all ok.

Logging into the phone shows this
SIP Status
Line SIP Account Status Backup Registrar Used?
1 [email protected]:5060 Registered No
2 [email protected] Registered No
3 [email protected] Registered No

And looks fine to me … but then hey: what do I know …




I have seen something like this a few times.

Causes were as follows:

Bad network cabling…take the phone and test it where you know another phone works.

Actual Hardware problem with phone.

Network cable plugged into PC port instead of Lan port on phone.


Well Bill, after your reply I switched the front desk phone with that in the next office: problem gone. Re-installed on its original spot and voila: it works. So you are right: bad connection. Thank you!


There is a reason why professionals won’t install phones on non-certified wiring. You have no idea if the wire is kinked, next to an EMI source, untwisted at the termination point etc.

Voice is very sensitive to packet loss.

Hi Scott, yes lesson learned in that regards. Hope it helps other (new) users to check their wiring first.

One thing I had noticed is that some phones when directly connected to our 1Gb network switch don’t like it. But when going through a sub-switch they are fine …

I guess I should read up on the Voice packet timing and correction mechanism. But for now we are up and running.

Thanks for all the feedback :slight_smile:

Does your switch have auto negotiation settings? I usually set all phones to 100/Full instead of auto. Don’t forget you have to do this on the phone too.

Hi Scott,

Actually they are un-managed switches, but I will play around with the phone’s network settings. Thanks for the tip.