Stolen calls that get transferred ring the extension where the call was stolen from

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This only happens in a very specific set of circumstances and hopefully there is some kind of “return to origin” setting I haven’t found yet. Here is the scenario:

A caller calls the main number, hits the IVR, dials 0 (or times out) to get to the operator (front desk phone x110, also not set as the system wide operator in the PBX). x110 rings and someone else in the office steals the call via BLF. They then transfer somewhere else in the office using the BLF key and if that phone has DND off it rings as normally. If the phone they’re transferring to is on DND it will ring the front desk phone instead of going to voicemail. Other phones are unable to steal the call from x110 again while it’s ringing, but they can answer 110.

The CDR almost looks like x110 is doing the transfer. After making some test calls here are the results all using the same extensions in the office. x110 is front desk phone, x116 is available and answering/stealing/transferring calls. x115 is out of the office and on DND.

  • Called x116 using a DID, transferred to an x115 on DND and it went to VM as expected.
  • Called x110, call stolen by x116 via BLF, transferred to x115 on DND via BLF. x110 rings for a while, no one else can steal the call.
  • Called x110, call stolen by x116 via BLF, blind transferred to x115 on DND with transfer->115->transfer. Same behavior as above.
  • Called x110, call stolen by x116 via BLF, attended transfer to x115 on DND by waiting a couple seconds before hitting transfer a second time and it successfully called VM for x115. Works as expected.

The factors at play seem to be
-the call was originally stolen
-blind transfer
-extension being transferred to is on DND

Any ideas?

Asterisk 16.15.1
Yealink t38g

(Chris Dolese) #2

id take a look at the full log for a bad call and follow the call ID , might give you a clue

(Bob Reiber) #3

Digging through the full log again everything looks OK until the blind transfer is made to x115. Is this something to look at?

res_agi.c: dialparties.agi: Extension 115 has do not disturb enabled, or followme pre-ring returned busy

Looks like most of the extensions have followme turned on but the only thing in the follow me list is the extension itself, so I turned it off. Could not test with x115 but tried with another one (that was not tried yesterday) and blind transferring with a BLF worked as expected. Will have to try to replicate this elsewhere.

(Bob Reiber) #4

I was able to replicate this but without first stealing a call. On a different server I dialed into an IVR, dialed an extension, transferred to another extension with DND on. When follow me is on (no matter how it’s set up it seems) the phone that originally took the call from the IVR will ring. When follow me is off the call will go to voicemail as expected.

I tried playing with followme a bit and setting the initial ring time to 0 has no affect. Same goes for removing the extension number and inserting another destination. Also tried setting the No Answer Destination to things other than Follow Me: Normal Extension Behavior. Also tried switching phones from chansip to pjsip.

Hoping there’s another setting somewhere that you guys can point me to as lots of people use both follow me and DND.

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